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Leadership is the process by which people accomplish together what they could not as individuals. Leaders are those who spur on the process.
Leadnow is a program designed for 10-13 year olds. Kidlead is not a kids program emphasizing leadership, but rather a leadership program targeting leaders when they are most moldable.
Kidlead teaches the sixteen most desirable leader qualities, dividing them into 4 modules, each consisting of 8-9 club sessions. They are taught by certified trainers using media, experiential activities and real-to- life projects.
The program includes parent literature and training as well. When accepted into the program participants receive a notebook, materials and t-shirt and can join any of the four modules, since they are non-sequential.
Kidlead is a non-profit, educational organization committed to raising effective, ethical leaders by focusing on them while they are still pliable.
Brant Community Church is a host training centre that partners with Kidlead to build strong leaders in the church and community. The Bible based version of the curriculum is featured in any of the modules presented here.

“If you want to change the world focus on leaders. If you want to change leaders focus on them when they are young.” Alan Nelson.

Next module at BCC begins on Monday, March 19th, 4-6pm.
Orange module concentrates on the 4 leader qualities of conflict, change, commitment and optimism.

Contact Lead Trainer, Hilary Hawley, for more information. 519-757-0568 or

Lead Trainer, Hilary Hawley
519-757-0568 or