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Our ultimate purpose in life is to love and serve God with our whole being.  What we do with our resources that God has loaned us (time, possessions, physical and mental energies) demonstrate our priorities and love for our Lord.  Jesus taught that if we are unfaithful in the least (material things), He can not entrust us with true riches (spiritual things).  A few basic principles regarding stewardship are: 

1. Everything belongs to God.

2. An offering to God is not a donation, but rather a representative portion of what he has entrusted to us.

3. Giving should be an act of worship. 

4. Giving should be sacrificial 

5. God delights in His children having the same spirit of generosity as He does.  

6. Be content with what we have. 

7. We give simply out of love for Him and recognition of His worth.