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Ground Rules For Care Groups

 While the idea of establishing Ground Rules for your small group may sound like it takes the fun out everything, these "rules" put all members at ease by letting you know what to expect. Within that framework, members can get the most out of their group experience.

The group decides which Ground Rules to choose. But here a few things to help you at your first few meetings. Simply read each sentence and confirm them with your group:

• Provide acceptance: This is an imperfect group for imperfect people in an imperfect Church. So please don't expect us to be perfect.
• Actively participate: This is not a spectator group. You can be shy but not silent forever. Your input matters.
• Show support: Differences of opinion are respected and dumb questions are encouraged.
• Be confidential: What is shared in the group stays in the group.
• Faithfully attend: Group meetings and starting times will be given priority.
• Encourage growth: Each member will encourage the others' spiritual growth and movement. • Welcome newcomers: The group will stay open to new people who would benefit from attending this group.
• Share ownership: Every member is a minister. Each attendee will share a minor responsibility within the group.